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We have Diversified our Selection of Software to Meet the Growing
Need for Multilingual Solutions

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is Committed to Making
Available Arabic Natural Language Processing Technologies,

World Class Solutions and Software
to Users of the Arabic Language

Arabic Software  Desktop Publishing  Machine Translation  Document Management  NLP   OCR  ASR  TTS  MultimediA

talking dictionary, translate, arabic, english, french
Arabic English-French Talking Dictionary QWERTY Keyboard Reg. $249.95 Now $189.95

The World's Arabic Software Center, slogan05.gif (5678 bytes)
  AramediA Arabic Software, araslogans2.jpg (6994 bytes)
Arabic Fonts on this Page by Universal Word 2000

New Products and Releases, newproducts2.jpg (3799 bytes)

World Translator Arabic English Bidirectional Dictionary
World Translator Arabic <=> Arabic and English Dictionary

Translation Memory, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Pashto Russian translate
AppTek's MemorySphere
Recall Translation Memory TM
GSA Advantage!®

AppTek's Multilingual Machine Translation GSA Advantage, Advantage_logos.jpg (1597 bytes)

Machine Translation (MT) for more than a dozen different language pairs; Multilingual Information Retrieval with  Query and  Topic Search capabilities; Name-Finding applications; and Integrated Suites providing Speech Recognition and Translation (e.g. for Broadcast News). APIs and SDKs are also available for integration and development. All AppTek products are on GSA Advantage!®: English, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Persian, Dari, Pashto, Turkish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Portuguese.

AppTek's TranSphere
BiDirectional Multilingual MT

GSA Advantage!®

ocr, scan, text, ocrpho.jpg (4412 bytes)
Multilingual OCR

Arabic, Farsi, and Other Latin Languages. SDK Available
Gold Reg. $1999.95 Now $1695.95

multilingual ocr, arabic ocr, farsi,persian, ocra.jpg (2967 bytes)
multilingual ocr, arabic ocr, farsi,persian, ocr.jpg (2726 bytes)
  machine translation, translate,software, mta.jpg (3070 bytes)
machine translation software, pashto, farsi,persian, arabic, mt.jpg (3089 bytes)

Technology Aiding Human Translators - Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Computer Aided Translation (CAT). Machine Translation (MT).

Translation Memory (TM). Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). Text to Speech (TTS).
Multilingual Information Retriever (TextFinder).
Reading Machine for the Blind (IBSAR).

Bidirectional,Arabic English machine translation, 41913.gif (8723 bytes)
Translation software, nakel2.gif (3068 bytes)

ArabicXT 6.0 for QuarkXPress, DTP,axt5s.jpg (1902 bytes)
ArabicXT 6.0 Mac OS X
Reg $695.00 Order Now $595.95

desktop publishing, electronic publisher, pre press, dtpa.jpg (3461 bytes)
QuarkXPress,desktop publishing, electronic publishing, pre press, dtp.jpg (3018 bytes)
ArabicXT for QuarkXPress

arabic text, Mac applications, kalimatbox.jpg (5905 bytes)
Insert Arabic Text in ANY Mac Application. Import PC Text

Sakkal Calligraphic Designs
Arabic Calligraphy PC or Mac

arabic fonts, arabic text, calligraphy, arabicfontsa2.jpg (2658 bytes)
arabic fonts, arabic text, calligraphy, arabicfontse.jpg (2149 bytes)


arabic fonts,font collection, fonts.jpg (5568 bytes)

Arabic Font Collection 4  for desktop publishig,
Arabic Fonts Series PC or Mac

word processor, OCR, universal, 265.jpg (3084 bytes)

write arabic text, read arabic, word processing, wordprocessors.jpg (3929 bytes)
multilingual, write arabic text, read arabic, word processing, word processors. wordprocessorsARIAL.jpg (3328 bytes)
Over 100 Languages

word processor, OCR, universal, 265.jpg (3084 bytes)
Free Demo

multilingual keyboard stickers,stikers,labels,keytop
Transparent Arabic KB Stickers
Dark or White Characters for White or Black Computers. Most Languages

multilingual keyboards, keyboardsar.jpg (3264 bytes)
multilingual Keyboards, keyboardse.jpg (3715 bytes)
Any Language Keyboard or Stickers are Available

Arabic English Keyboard
Arabic/English Keyboards
USB, A/T, or PS-2 PC or Mac
Most Languages of the World

Arabic Typing Tutor. stypingt.jpg (6717 bytes)
Arabic English Typing Tutor
Any Windows 2000 / XP

On Sale - Buy Now  $79.95


Any Language, if We Don't Have it, We'll Get it, if Not Available, We'll Custom Make it,
Keyboard Stickers too

arabic, Keyboard, farsi, pashto, urdu, ALL languages, kbbtc5200u.jpg (10265 bytes)


Arabic, Urdu, Farsi / Persian, Pashto, Dari and Most Languages' Keyboards PS-2 or USB. Beige or Black

Tell Me More Learn Arabic Complete Pack All 4 Lessons
TeLL me More, Learn:
Arabic | English | French | German | Italian | Spanish


copydot,digitize film, RepliDot-Right.jpg (1484 bytes)   copydot,digitize film, RepliDot-Right.jpg (1484 bytes)
Digitizes your Films to the Dot. CopyDot Solution -  Photoshop® Plug-In® - Mac OS X
Reg. $2395.95 Sale $1999.95

Farsi,Persian,labels,Arabic,keyboard,stickers,overlays,multilingual,keyboards, kbstickersa.jpg (3530 bytes)
Farsi,Persian,labels,Arabic,keyboard,stickers,overlays,multilingual,keyboards, kbstickerse.jpg (2995 bytes)
Farsi, persian, pashto, urdu, labels, farsilet.jpg (3880 bytes)
Arabic, Including Farsi (Persian) Characters Keyboard Stickers

Arabic Web pages, nashernet4.jpg (6186 bytes)
Arabic  Web Design Tools

learn,listen to audio tapes and CD,learn arabic, iiarabic_small.jpg (11996 bytes)
Learn Arabic Anywhere Play
8 Audio CDs.
Sale Price $29.95

arabic dictionary, dictionaries, dictionaries.jpg (3672 bytes)
Multilingual Dictionaries, Arabic dictionary, dictionariese.jpg (3680 bytes)

Handheld Partner EAF430T Arabic, French, English $249 95 $189.95 Order Now
Handheld Partner EFa400T Persian (Farsi), English $299 95 $249.95 Order Now
E.W. Lane Arabic English Lexicon on CD
E.W. Lane's
Arabic-English Lexicon

learn arabic, arabic tutor, arabic1+2usr.jpg (6222 bytes)
TeLL Me More Arabic
Beginner & Beginner

arabic, language tutors,learn arabic,speak, read,write,comprehend,, atutors.jpg (4870 bytes)
learn a language, Arabic, Farsi, Persian, Hebrew, Hieroglyphs, English, French, Spanish. atutorse-s3.jpg (4805 bytes)

learn arabic, complete course, speak, read, talk, comprehend,tmmarabebanner2.gif

teach arabic, intermediate, advanced level, arabic3+4usr.jpg (6174 bytes)
TeLL Me More Arabic
Intermediate & Advanced

smrashwd.jpg (6977 bytes)
Rashid Games

children,education,entertainment, childrenprograms2.jpg (4537 bytes)
children educational programs, childrenprograms-e2.jpg (3595 bytes)
Learn Arabic by download,children,adults,Arabic Tutor

children, learn,First Encyclopedia
My First Encyclopedia

Egyptian pharoahs, Hieroglyphs, heirocdcaseSMcopy.jpg (30099 bytes)
Egypt. Hieroglyphs Made Easy

Rosetta Stone and AramediA
online language learning center, distance learning,rsaramediam.gif
Register Now

speak hebrew, sspeakhebrew.jpg (6005 bytes)
Speak Hebrew

microsoft office,access,word,excel,outlook,powerpoint, office2003sm.jpg (6308 bytes)
MS Office 2003 Arabic Edition

Microsoft Arabic Windows XP operating system, UNICODE, multilingual,  mswinxpani.gif (27816 bytes)
Do you qualify for an upgrade to Windows XP Professional?
Information about Windows XP are now online! See the Windows XP FAQ.
Find out about HTML for Middle Eastern Content, and the new Windows XP MUI.
Ask Dr. International

Microsoft Windows XP, winxpro.jpg (5253 bytes)
MS Windows XP Arabic Edition
Arabic Distance Learning. ebannerb.jpg (4476 bytes)

Electronic Vocabulary Exercises, Bishai's EVE-2000

shopping cart, mcart.jpg (8605 bytes) Maps,Iraq,Afghanistan,Israel,Palestine,wall poster,middle east, memap.jpg (8545 bytes) shopping cart, mcart.jpg (8605 bytes)
Start Shopping An Impartial, Non Partisan Educational Reference. For the Generalist,
Educator, Scholar, Student, Consultant, Mentor, and the Well Informed.

Start Shopping

Knowledge Management System is the systematic
process of finding, selecting, organizing,
distilling and presenting information
Sakhr Solutions

Search Our Software Store

KMS focus on acquiring, storing and utilizing
knowledge for problem solving, dynamic learning.
strategic planning and decision making

Sakhr Solutions

Learning Arabic

Multilingual Dictionaries

Visit our Software Center

For non-native beginners who, apart
from the Arabic alphabet, know very
little or no Arabic. Second generation
Arabs who have been exposed to

Arabic in an informal setting, but have
never studied the language in a formal
style. Moslems who are familiar with
the Arabic script, through the Holy
Koran, and are interested in learning
the Arabic language

World Translator Arabic English Bidirectional Dictionary

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